"Welcome!," he says. And "You've got mail!" He's Elwood Edwards, and he recorded those sound files nearly ten years ago. Now he's hawking personalized sound bites at $50 a pop from his own web page.

He may need it. AOL's stock once tanked in one morning, forfeiting 6.2% of its value in hours -- even before a huge Wall Street sell-off. Apparently 1 million shares of AOL's stock were cast-off, sending a shiver of fear through those investors still holding it! At the end of the day, the stock was still down nearly 5% from where it had been the day before.

Investors worry the "bubble" could pop at any second -- and they may be right. AOL successfully conned the press into reporting that their customer satisfaction had reached "record levels" -- with 34% stating that AOL was excellent or "very good". But remember: 66% didn't!